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Programs That Ignite Imagination

Dive into the details below and find the perfect program to spark your child's educational journey. At Emerging Imaginations Academy, the magic of learning awaits!

Our Whole Child Approach

“In The Reggio Emilia Preschools, each child is viewed as infinitely capable, creative and intelligent.”- Louise Boyd Cadwell. We here at EIA believe a complete education embraces the whole child- body, mind, heart and spirit. Our Whole Child Approach is designed to address your child’s unique needs and showcase their individual talents.

Creative, critical thinking skills, curiosity, reflection, self-awareness and autonomy are also fostered and nurtured along the way, enriching the learning and teaching process as children and adults share and negotiate the roles of learner and teacher.

We respect and value children's ideas, opinions, experiences, and the wells of knowledge that they bring to discussions. We also strive to provide a creative rich variety of learning opportunities that are meaningful, purposeful and relevant to them.

Powerful Partnerships

A child’s learning begins and flourishes at home. The relationship and collaboration with the home, school and community all support the learning of the child. 

We strive to develop partnerships with each and every one of our parents, ensuring that each child is encouraged, empowered and equipped to achieve lifelong success. Parents are an essential component of the school. They are an active part of their children’s learning experiences and help to ensure the welfare of all the children in the school.